Using ZoneRipper with Logitech Squeezebox

Using ZoneRipper with Logitech Squeezebox

The ZoneRipper is pre-installed with Logitech SqueezeboxServer for use with the Squeezebox and Transporter range of streamers.

SqueezeboxServer should be enabled using the following instructions:

  1. Use "Remote Desktop" available on Windows or Mac computers to connect to the ZoneRipper (or the "Windows Home Server Connector" on Windows if installed). The computer name is ZoneRipper and use the username administrator and corresponding password (included with product documentation). Once connected to the remote desktop click "Windows Home Server Console

    Windows Home Server Console

  2. Click on the Settings link in the top right of the Windows Home Server Console main screen

    Windows Home Server ConsoleWindows Home Server Settings

  3. Click on the SqueezeboxServer icon in the left hand column list.
  4. Enable the SqueezeboxServer using the checkbox - so that Squeezebox server will automatically start whenever the ZoneRipper is started.

    Enable Squeezebox Server

  5. Click the "Start Squeezebox Server" if needed.

    Squeezebox Server running on ZoneRipper

  6. You may then access the Sqeezebox Server web interface using http://zoneripper:9000