Using ZoneRipper with Linn DS

The ZoneRipper is pre-configured with AssetUPnP server and is ready for operation with Linn DS products.

Follow the "ZoneRipper Quick Setup Guide" to physically connect the ZoneRipper into the same Ethernet network as your Linn DS system.

Example network configurations for the ZoneRipper and Linn DS can be seen here.

Once the ZoneRipper has been switched on AssetUPnP will become visible to the UPnP controls.

You may verify that the ZoneRipper is available on the Linn DS local area network using the KONFIG (download from ).

KONFIG will display all the UPnP compatible servers and players visible on the network - including the ZoneRipper. Look for a media server named "Asset UPnP: ZONERIPPER". An example is shown below:

Linn Konfig showing ZoneRipper

Note that the IP address is also displayed ( in the example above). This may be useful when copying files to/from the ZoneRipper.

The ZoneRipper will now be avaialble as a music source in the UPnP control (Songbook, Chorus DS, Kinsky Desktop etc).

Below is an image of the ZoneRipper displayed within Kinsky Desktop (Free download from Linn

Linn Kinskydesktop with ZoneRipper AssetUPnP

Any content on the ZoneRipper will now be available for playback on any connected Linn DS.

Next Steps

Ripping CDs using ZoneRipper

Copying Music file to/from the ZoneRipper